Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about studying at our institute.

At EIFM we offer many degree and non-degree programmes. Our study programmes include Master in Management (MiM), MBA, DBA and Master of Accounting (MAcc). In addition, we have a wide range of short intensive management education courses that focus on specific skills or sectors.
Yes, the Master in Management (MiM) programme is specifically designed for students who are completing or have just completed their undergraduate studies. A small number of our MBA students also apply during the final year of their undergraduate studies.
Most students at EIFM have previous work experience or are currently employed. However, no work experience is required for our Master of Management (MiM).
The learning environment at EIFM is global in every respect. We have campuses in more than five cities across Europe and programmes and modules in dozens more, our study group is highly international and our professors and staff come from more than 50 different countries. Over 85 nationalities are currently represented in the MBA programme alone.
From the beginning, EIFM has used the case method as the basis of our teaching methodologies, which deals with real-life business examples. However, we are constantly innovating and introducing other active learning methodologies such as simulations, coaching and mentoring. We are also incorporating more digital elements into all our teaching.
Most of the posts on our blog are written by our professors or school staff who have particular expertise in the field. We do not currently accept submissions from people outside the school, but everything is by individual arrangement. So feel free to reach out to us and maybe we can work something out in that regard and allow you to publish with us.
EIFM's mission is to develop leaders who strive to have a profound, positive and lasting impact on people, communities and society through professional excellence and integrity.
The Master of Management (MiM) is designed for students who have just completed their secondary school studies or are about to complete their bachelor's degree, have less than one year of experience and want to start their entrepreneurial career. The typical MBA candidate has five to six years of work experience.
English is the universal language of instruction at EIFM, but everything varies from campus to campus. In this respect, it is always a good idea to contact the study department of the specific campus to find out what conditions the campus requires for studying.
The sooner you apply for an MBA, the better. However, it's all up to you and your ambitions. Since the entire study is adapted to an online format and is completely independent of specific deadlines and deadlines, there are no specific dates by which you must apply for the study. Once you have completed all the administrative matters associated with starting your studies, you can then start your studies at any time.
Yes, there are a number of scholarships available to EIFM students based on merit and financial need. Always contact the academic department of the campus you wish to study at for more information.
EIFM offers a number of scholarships to students, including scholarships for MBA candidates who are women, from developing countries, of outstanding merit and more. Visit the EIFM website for information on funding opportunities and for further assistance from our Student Services department at each campus.
MBA graduates at EIFM are in high demand on the job market. According to our latest employment report, 94% of our students had at least one job offer from a multinational corporation within three months of graduation.
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