Educational process

Experiences, tradition and practical contribution

Graduate studies at EIFM offer primarily individual leadership development that prepares you for key situations in business and in today’s global society and enables you to face future challenges in a rapidly evolving world. Our team of professors and lecturers consists of highly enthusiastic as well as respected academics and professionals who are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience. Our lecturing team presents more than 50 professionals in their respective fields and there is no shortage of guest lecturers and lectures from foreign companies or universities.

This internationalism and diversity is not only reflected in the faculty among the teachers, but it is also reflected in the students, who have more than 100 different nationalities, and we are very proud to develop students from all parts of the world. EIFM offers a rich and personally fulfilling working environment that is based on our core values and enhanced by international perspectives.

We can help you reposition yourself for your future career path and make lifelong connections that will benefit you throughout your working career.

So if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and are always extremely grateful for any new team member who brings a new impetus not only to our teaching team, but also to our students.