Alumni testimonials

Other alumni testimonials

"As a result of this course, I have gained much more practical experience and new knowledge that will enable me to actively participate in discussions about investment decisions in the company. I can only recommend it."

Oliver Ferschke

Investment decision making
"A great training course that provides one of the few globally connected opportunities to understand several aspects of artificial intelligence in a unique way. It will equip you with the knowledge for a future in any industry."

Claudia van Mourik

Business and artificial intelligence
"In a word, perfect. It was the best decision I've made in the last ten years and I have to say that it also reflected on my career. During the course I had the opportunity not only to expand my theoretical knowledge but also to analyse in detail specific examples from practice, which probably enriched me the most during my studies."

Joerg Weber

Real estate management
"I have to say that the individual focuses are very hilarious and tailored to the unique needs of the family business. I highly recommend this course as a great resource that is tailored to family businesses."

Carolin Ketelsen

Family business
"Thanks to this course, I was able to resolve issues for my clients that I was unable to resolve prior to the course. Thanks to my newly acquired knowledge, I was finally able to bring them to a successful conclusion."

Jasmina Cehajic

Business negotiations
"The study of Executive Education provides a good foundation for the most well-known strategic concepts. I also appreciate working on your own project, which gives you the opportunity to apply the theories learned in the course to real practice with feedback from the lecturers."

Jacqueline Ploetze

Strategic management
"I decided to take this course because it was a good fit for my professional life and fit perfectly into my career path. Although I wasn't sure what to expect from online study, it turned out to be the best decision I could have made. The lecturers and other students were really discerning and their opinions were always beneficial to me. The lecturers took me to the next level again, providing me with unique insights and answering my questions in a really broad and in-depth way."

Markus Wittmann

Company management
"Not only the school and the lecturing team, but also the course completely met all the requirements I had and expected. I wanted to have an experience that would really challenge me but also provide me with the knowledge, structure and support I was looking for."

Jon Talbot

Business valuation
"This is a very informative course that goes beyond the basic information and provides you with knowledge that is very useful and, above all, applicable in practice. Whether you are interested in the issues in a general framework or need to discuss some of the sub-topics in more depth, the tutors were always helpful and took the time to answer all my questions. The course is engaging and you will easily understand the role of sustainability and its importance in business today."

Frank Schlöder

Sustainability management