Digital marketing


This 10-week online program will give you an in-depth understanding of the latest digital marketing tools and techniques. It will help you understand how to leverage digital marketing channels and consumer analytics, gain deep insights into consumer behaviour and effectively engage with customers.

In a world where more and more activity is focused on the Internet, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to build customer relationships and promote your organization’s products or services. However, it can also be difficult to navigate the sea of acronyms, technologies and platforms.

This digital marketing course begins with an overview of the digital marketing landscape and prepares you to implement a number of proven frameworks in your organization. The study then takes an in-depth look at the opportunities and strategies associated with leading channels and platforms including digital, mobile and emerging technologies. You’ll be guided step-by-step in assessing customer needs and marketing objectives, and creating custom digital marketing plans for both paid and owned media. In the end, you’ll combine your digital marketing ideas into one integrated plan based on your organization’s priorities and resources.

Key benefits

The Executive Course in Digital Marketing prepares effective digital marketers who can design powerful digital marketing strategies for brands. In this course, you’ll discover how to create and deliver value and ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

You will gain essential analytical skills around ‘big’ customer data to help inform the effectiveness of your marketing strategy across the customer funnel.

And you’ll learn how to strategically monitor and create content for stronger online customer engagement, effectively manage online crises, and effectively implement and execute a digital marketing strategy in your organization by identifying and leveraging key drivers.

Upon successful completion of this course:

Basic information:

  • 10 weeks
  • English
  • On-line
  • € 1000
  • Anytime


Students have access to an online library with more than 10,000 professional publications, books and professional papers.


For whom the course is suitable

This course is for those who want to improve their skills or learn how to create an effective, adaptable digital strategy for their business, test their digital media skills as a marketing professional and learn new, resilient strategies for diverse media environments, or transition into digital marketing from another field and gain formal skills to start building their new career.

Timeless approach

Practical knowledge of timeless marketing principles combined with an integrated, audience-focused approach to media strategy.

Flexibility and adaptability

Ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital media landscape, enabling you to anticipate new challenges and meet marketing objectives.

Digital strategies

A workable digital media investment strategy based on an informed understanding of the benefits and opportunities presented by different approaches and different markets.

What you will learn in the course

Digital marketing and media strategy

Get an overview of what's timeless and relevant in digital marketing and media strategy. Find out how players like ad networks, demand-side platforms and data management platforms are working with advertisers, agencies and publishers. Then, learn how to use time-tested frameworks to assess customer needs and determine primary marketing objectives. Once you put it all together, you'll learn how to evaluate the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Strategy basics: know your consumer

Gain meaningful insights about consumers by studying their media habits at the level of individuals, communities and cultures. The proliferation of digital technologies provides businesses with an unprecedented and diverse set of new tools to reach, engage, track and respond to consumers. Aggregate and voluminous digital data can also be used to better target specific consumer segments. This course aims to provide a deeper understanding of the basic processes of planning a digital marketing campaign and the role of different digital channels in integrated marketing communications.

Building a digital media strategy

Explore strategies to arrive at a recommended course of action that will ensure your digital media strategy achieves your marketing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). You need to understand when and how to leverage the latest analytics technologies, from Big Data to AI or IoT, and continually uncover new "live" customer and market insights. You must effectively transform these insights into new customer value by creating superior experiences throughout the customer journey. Finally, the key to your future success as a business leader is your ability to shape a customer-centric marketing organization that is equipped to select, experiment and expand the use of next-wave technologies such as social media, robotics or blockchain within your product or service strategies.

Digital media investment strategy

Become a strategic investor across digital media markets. Using paid media, such as buying ad space on well-known websites, can be the fastest way to promote a product or service on digital platforms. In addition to display advertising, paid media includes initiatives such as search engine marketing, email marketing, video marketing, social media ads, and mobile ads. This course will introduce you to the opportunities and strategies associated with these different paid media channels and guide you through the process of creating a paid media marketing plan that fits your own marketing goals.

Executive course tuition fee

If you are ready to take your career and personal life up a notch and want to get an education with an innovative and practical approach, don’t hesitate to apply!

Course tuition: € 1000

Payment can be made in one lump sum or spread over up to 3 interest-free instalments. A first instalment of € 400 is always required before the start of the course.

Tuition fees include all study materials and access to all seminars or online lectures organised by the European Institute of Finance & Management.

5% discount
If the student decides to pay for the course in one lump sum before the start of the course, a 5% discount will be applied additionally to the course price.

About the certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the European Institute of Finance & Management, which will provide valuable evidence that you have developed enhanced digital marketing skills, knowledge and abilities and will be able to contribute to the successful development of your organisation.

Throughout the course you will be continually assessed in relation to completing a number of practical assignments. These assignments are always completed online and successful completion is a prerequisite for completing the full course. You must therefore complete all the assignments given to you as part of your studies in order to be issued with a certificate of successful completion. These assignments vary from course to course and are based on the difficulty of the course and the requirements of the course sponsors or lecturers.

The certificate will be issued in your legal name and will be sent to you on successful completion of the programme as per the requirements set out at the address you have provided on your course application form. The certificate has unlimited validity and can be used throughout your career.