Digital transformation


Every day, technology brings exciting opportunities and new challenges to businesses around the world. And these businesses need digital experts to help them stay ahead. Our instructors have deep expertise in digital transformation – so the course of study is developed based on cutting-edge research and insights, and is designed to make you the leader your organization turns to when it’s time to develop a digital strategy, adopt innovative approaches, and explore the potential of new technologies.

Digital transformation is a hot topic at the moment and is on the agenda in almost every organisation. This new reality affects the way we approach customers, the way teams work, communication and, in short, the value proposition of companies. For organizations to respond to these new needs, leaders must be able to create a clear vision and a well-defined plan.

In this course, you will learn how to find and create new, streamlined and disruptive business ideas through a digital audit and rapid ideation process. In addition, you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas and develop a plan for rigorous testing and evaluation of the opportunity to ensure its market fit.

Key benefits

Digital transformation has become a literal imperative in recent years, affecting almost all organisations around the world that need to adapt to these changes. However, according to surveys, up to 87% of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet expectations. If you’ve been tasked with implementing your organisation’s digital transformation, you need to be aware of the pitfalls you will inevitably encounter and know best practices based on experience.

This programme is based on years of research into digital transformation and dozens of interviews with business leaders involved in it. After completing this course, you will be able to:

Basic information:

  • 5 weeks
  • English
  • On-line
  • € 840
  • Anytime


Students have access to an online library with more than 10,000 professional publications, books and professional papers.


For whom the course is suitable

The course offers a non-technical, broad overview of new technologies impacting companies in all industries. Digital transformation is an essential topic for professionals, whether they are technology managers and executives seeking to understand the technologies driving digital transformation and how to implement them to drive digital transformation in their organization, or functional managers across industries who want to master different areas of transformation and implement a strategy within their function or organization.

Development of thinking

You fully understand the link between big data, data analytics and today's most successful organisations and want to develop in this area.

Focus on values

You think about the impact a stakeholder-focused proposition can have on the success of the business, and where you can take the business.

Organisation development

You will learn how to find and create new, streamlined and disruptive business ideas that you can then implement within your organization.

What you will learn in the course

Comprehensive preparation for digital transformation

All organisations rely on business model evolution through the identification and use of new digital tools. In this course you will discover how to select the best ideas for digital transformation for your organisation or business venture. You'll conduct a builder audit to assess the current state of the innovation process and identify what the ideal state of the organisation should be, and once this is complete, a digital audit to assess the current state of digital tool usage in supply chain, organisational processes, customer interaction and after sales services. This analysis will lead you to identify opportunities for leveraging digital technologies.

Creativity and idea generation

Learn best practices for quickly generating ideas for new businesses. Use the tools and activities daily to expand your idea list and flex your creative muscles. Then you'll apply your best practices to a series of product and service design, business model transformation, and sales transformation templates to come up with ideas for new products and services.

Creating opportunities for digital transformation

You will use a range of techniques to develop the use of digital tools in your organisation. You will evaluate your business model and determine where you can integrate digital tools to better meet your customers' needs and increase profitability. You will then identify digital market niches that are opportunities to meet unmet customer needs. Finally, you'll have a comprehensive set of tools for developing new ideas across your organization or for your business plans.

Executive course tuition fee

If you are ready to take your career and personal life up a notch and want to get an education with an innovative and practical approach, don’t hesitate to apply!

Course tuition: € 840

Payment can be made in one lump sum or spread over up to 3 interest-free instalments. A first instalment of € 400 is always required before the start of the course.

Tuition fees include all study materials and access to all seminars or online lectures organised by the European Institute of Finance & Management.

5% discount
If the student decides to pay for the course in one lump sum before the start of the course, a 5% discount will be applied additionally to the course price.

About the certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the European Institute of Finance & Management, which will be valuable evidence that you have developed better skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of digital transformation of the company and will be able to contribute to the successful development of the organisation.

Throughout the course you will be continuously assessed against a number of practical assignments. These assignments are always completed online and successful completion is a prerequisite for completing the entire course. You must therefore complete all the assignments given to you as part of your studies in order to be issued with a certificate of successful completion. These assignments vary from course to course and are based on the difficulty of the course and the requirements of the course sponsors or lecturers.

The certificate will be issued in your legal name and will be sent to you on successful completion of the programme as per the requirements set out at the address you have provided on your course application form. The certificate has unlimited validity and can be used throughout your career.