Innovation and automation


Explore the structures and strategies that enable top companies to innovate repeatedly and continually move forward in these fast-paced times. From hospitals to high-tech companies, innovation drives sustained success. Whether you’re building a new business, transforming an established business, or leading a product research and development team, you need to find ways to create and nurture a culture of experimentation and innovation – and develop a more agile enterprise.

Because every company is capable of creating a new product, coming up with a new service or technology, but without a meaningful plan, chances are a great return on your investment won’t take place. So in this course, you’ll learn how to create a workable innovation strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals, how to create and iterate on different aspects of a successful strategy, as well as developing an overall vision, SMART goals and budget. You will also be introduced to using innovation tools such as lean startup, makerspace and design thinking to help you in the process of acquiring and getting to know your customers. You will also learn to identify potential risks to the successful execution of your strategy and develop plans to mitigate them.

You will also learn how to ethically and effectively implement and manage service automation technologies in your organization to increase productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

Under the guidance of top academics, you will develop innovative thinking and expertise in innovation management, idea generation theory, selection, strategy formulation and implementation, including automation processes. You’ll also learn the tools for self-implementing innovation projects and automation processes that will keep not only you, but your entire organization moving forward and more responsive to market demands.

You’ll also learn innovative thinking and expertise on how companies successfully generate new ideas to bring new products to market.

During this course, you will learn how to:

Basic information:

  • 9 weeks
  • English
  • On-line
  • € 860
  • Anytime


Students have access to an online library with more than 10,000 professional publications, books and professional papers.


For whom the course is suitable

This course is suitable for all managers, directors and other executives who are responsible for new product, service and customer experience development and who come from functional areas such as product research and development, engineering, product management, marketing, operations, finance or strategy. This course will ease your way up the career ladder with relevant information and skills that you can use in real-world practice.

Personal development

You need to become a more innovative, flexible and agile thinker. You want to gain and apply exclusive strategic insights

Real problems

You will learn about many detailed real-world examples and practical exercises that will help you see the world differently and ultimately develop more thoughtful strategies for achieving lasting business success.

You aim to develop the organisation

You will learn how to find and create new, streamlined and disruptive business ideas that you can then implement within your organization.

What you will learn in the course

Building innovation competences

To create and sustain a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in an organization, it is helpful to create an environment that fosters a certain mindset. And it is these mindsets that can first create a culture change in your organization, often followed by a higher financial return on investment. These mindsets are the competencies that turn ideas into real and successful investments. You will therefore become familiar with the key competencies for innovation and learn how to apply them. Each of the competencies covered is used by organizations large and small, resulting in new products and services and happy employees and customers.

Innovation tools

There are many interesting tools you can use to introduce innovation in your organisation. These tools are the "hammer and nails" of innovation. You will learn about several innovation tools. You will also see how other organizations have successfully used them to increase cultural and financial ROI, delight customers, and improve operational efficiency.

Evaluation of innovation processes

The goal is to teach you how to design a strategy for managing a portfolio of innovation projects in your organization. You will explore best practices for portfolio management and create a plan for spreading innovation and an innovation culture. You will then explore the typical risks of your strategy and create a plan to sustain it. This part of the course will prepare you to introduce your innovation placemat to your organization.

Developing an innovation strategy

A business with an innovative culture doesn't just happen. You have to plan for both financial success and cultural change. There are several types and approaches to innovation. How do you create an innovation strategy for your business? In this part of the course you will start to create an innovation strategic plan. You will identify your organization's goals and align your innovation strategy with them. You will grow an executive champion and set SMART goals for your new product, service or technology. You identify risks and barriers to deployment and create plans to mitigate them. Along the way, you'll hear case studies from large and small, private and government, established and start-up organizations in a variety of fields that have successfully implemented an innovation strategy with sustainable positive impacts on their bottom line.

Implementing innovation

You have developed an innovation strategy and set a vision, SMART goals and outcome measures. You have identified competencies such as lean startup, makerspace and design thinking, and selected tools to build an innovation culture. Now you will learn how to implement your strategy. After you map your key internal stakeholders, you design a campaign plan for your strategy and assemble a dedicated team. You'll understand the different motivations of your innovation shop and "performance engine" and learn how to work effectively with members of the performance engine team.


You will learn key skills in understanding, mapping, designing, analysing, automating and monitoring business operations processes. You will learn how your business processes relate to customers and value delivery. You will learn how to analyze organizational performance from a process perspective, redesign processes using value-based techniques, design workflows and implement them in your business. The goal is to focus on identifying and understanding business automation processes, developing a strategy for implementing and integrating business processes, and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business in terms of these processes, identifying any gaps and finding ways to improve it.

Executive course tuition fee

If you are ready to take your career and personal life up a notch and want to get an education with an innovative and practical approach, don’t hesitate to apply!

Course tuition: € 860

Payment can be made in one lump sum or spread over up to 3 interest-free instalments. A first instalment of € 400 is always required before the start of the course.

Tuition fees include all study materials and access to all seminars or online lectures organised by the European Institute of Finance & Management.

5% discount
If the student decides to pay for the course in one lump sum before the start of the course, a 5% discount will be applied additionally to the course price.

About the certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the European Institute of Finance & Management, which will be valuable evidence that you have acquired improved skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of innovation and automation in the company and will be able to contribute to the successful development of the organization.

Throughout the course you will be continuously assessed against a number of practical assignments. These assignments are always completed online and successful completion is a prerequisite for completing the entire course. You must therefore complete all the assignments given to you as part of your studies in order to be issued with a certificate of successful completion. These assignments vary from course to course and are based on the difficulty of the course and the requirements of the course sponsors or lecturers.

The certificate will be issued in your legal name and will be sent to you on successful completion of the programme as per the requirements set out at the address you have provided on your course application form. The certificate has unlimited validity and can be used throughout your career.